Yes, at The Index we understand the importance of convenience and efficiency. Click & Collect is available at the checkout for online orders. When you receive an your Ready to Collect email confirmation, your order will be available for collection at The Index Maison located at Shop 1/57-59 Rosemount Terrace Windsor. Please ensure your item is collected within 3 days. If you are unable to collect your order you may nominate someone else to collect your order on your behalf by calling The Index on (07) 2111 1666. For information on our opening hours, please view our contact page.

All in store and online purchases will be packed in The Index signature packaging. At The Index it is our commitment to ensure that all purchases are packed to the highest standard.

Should you wish to add Humidity Control to your cigars for shipment, please select the add on at the checkout process.

Yes, as many of our cigars are aged for extended periods of time in our humidor, it is important that we consistently check and monitor the progress of our cigars. At The Index we implement rigorous processes and quality checks on a regular basis. The most important quality check we perform is on your box of cigars before they are shipped to you. We want to ensure that at all times our clients are having the highest quality product and best experience. Therefore, every box of cigars at The Index receives a final quality assurance check, complete with The Index quality assurance sticker which is signed and dated by our in-house cigar experts. For more information on our quality assurance practices, please email help@theindex.com.au


We accept all debit and credit cards including American Express.

All of our products are listed in AUD.


Unfortunately not.

Inline with The Index commitment, all items that are stocked at The Index are placed through rigorous quality checks to ensure that our clients receive only the highest quality products at all times. At The Index we take great pride ensuring that all orders are packed in line with our high standards. For more information relating to our shipping guidelines please view our Shipping & Returns Policy.

All orders placed via our online platform are processed within 1-2 business days.

Standard delivery
The expected estimated time for standard delivery is within 5 to 7 business days following the order placement. Shipping charges for standard delivery are complimentary on orders over $300.00 AUD.

For shipments to remote and rural areas please allow up to an extra 5 business days for delivery.

Express Delivery
The expected estimated time for express delivery is within 2 to 4 business days following order placement. Please note that orders placed after 2:00pm or on Saturday or Sunday may not be processed until the following business day.

For more information relating to our shipping guidelines please view our Shipping & Returns Policy.

You will receive an email with your tracking notification details. You can track this directly on the email as well as check the status of your order. Please note it can take up to 24 hours to show a result on the tracking number.


Unfortunately we are unable to offer returns for change of mind. For more information relating to our returns policy please view our Shipping & Returns Policy.

Every cigar that leaves our store is quality checked to ensure that The Index Commitment is being met at all times. On the seldom occasion you have received a faulty cigar, please email help@theindex.com.au and we will happily exchange or refund you. For more information relating to returns policy please view our Shipping & Returns Policy.

If your item is faulty and is requiring a return or exchange, we are more than happy to assist you in our Maison or online.


Cutting your cigar correctly is imperative to ensure that you have the ultimate experience enjoying your cigar. It is highly recommended that you use a purpose-built cigar cutter to cut the cap off the head of the cigar. Using instruments such as scissors or a knife to cut your cigar can jeopardise the quality as incorrect cutting can lead to the cigar unravelling. There are various cutters which you can use, to view our full selection of cutters we have available, please click here. There are many cut types which you can choose from, every option works equally the same however it is up to your personal preference. For cigar novices we recommend a guillotine straight cut.

We recommend using a cedar lined humidor to store your cigars for longevity. Cigars should be kept at a temperature between 18 and 22 degree celsius with a relative humidity between 65% and 75%. To view our entire range of relative humidity control and humidors please visit our accessories page.

For more information on storing your cigars correctly, please view our Cigar Storage Guidelines.

As cigars are organic product, their quality responds based on the environment in which they are kept. As such, incorrectly storing your cigars can cause them to dry out. Once a cigar has dried out, it is very difficult to restore the moisture, oils and flavours back into them. If your cigars dry out and you wish to revive them, we recommend starting with a lower relative humidity control and gradually increasing humidity of the storage environment every week. Please bear in mind the cigars may not go back to optimal condition once they have dried out.

Following the Cigar Storage Guidelines is always a great place to start. At The Index we only stock the most premium and sophisticated humidors which all include a hygrometer. A hygrometer is the apparatus that indicates the water and humidity levels within your humidor.

A ring gauge on a cigar indicates the diameter of the cigar. When measuring a cigar there is two commonly used dimensions being the ring gauge (diameter) and the length. These two measurements with then determine the estimated burn time of a cigar. Ring gauge is measured in 1/64th of an inch. If a cigar has a 52 ring gauge that means that the cigar diameter is 52/64 of an inch.

At The Index we are so proud to offer an unparalleled range of brands to our clients. We stock over 60 esteemed brands. To discover our full list, we invite you to view our brands page.

While there is no exact science on how you can appreciate your cigars, a general rule of thumb is that you can relight your cigar, however the longer you leave your cigar unlit before relighting the more likely it is that the composition of the cigar can change.

Plume is a naturally occurring by product of appropriately ageing cigars. Plume can appear periodically and is a good sign that you are storing your cigars in optimal conditions. Plume does not affect the experience of your cigar and you will only notice elevated flavours and composition.

Plume is easily identifiable as subtle white specs on your cigar. The plume can be easily dusted off with a soft stroke or with your fingertips. You can leave plume on your cigars until you are ready to enjoy it and you may also leave plume on your cigars while you are enjoying it. We recommend to remove plume from the head so as to not interfere with the flavour profile of the cigar.

gift cards

The Index gift card is available from $200 to $1000. All physical gift cards are wrapped in our signature packaging to ensure that they are ready for gifting. We also offer digital gift cards.

Gift cards can be purchased via our online platform or in store.

All gift cards are valid for 3 years from purchase date. The expiry date of your gift card will be displayed on the card.

Yes, you can use your gift card in store or online.


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