Guidelines for Storing Cigars

When storing cigars, it is important to ensure that the cigar is maintained at a constant temperature and humidity. It is important to note that cigars (particularly Cuban cigars) are stored in the ideal way to allow the cigar to retain its original characteristics so that flavours and aromas can continue to develop. When done correctly, you can enhance the characteristics of cigars to even better heights.

A constant and consistent temperature as well as humidity level is required to ensure that cigars do not dry out. You must avoid rapid temperature or humidity changes as this may cause the cigars to dry out, swell or crack.

Very low humidity and high temperatures can dry out the cigars and cause them to lose the oils and flavours, they can also become hard to enjoy.

To obtain the full benefits of storing cigars correctly, we recommend the following requirements:

Cigars should be kept consistently between 18°c and 22°c.

Cuban cigars are best kept between 65-69% relative humidity.

New world cigars are best kept between 69-75% relative humidity.

We recommend storing your cigars in a humidor with the appropriate relative humidity control pouches. Please see our accessories page for a full list of relative humidity control pouches and cigar humidors as these are the most accurate way to maintain a consistent RH (relative humidity) level. Cigars are best kept in a humidor at the optimal temperature and humidity.

Purchasing a high-quality cedar humidor is the best option for storing.

We suggest any of the fine offerings of high-quality humidors from Daniel Marshall

Cigars should never be stored in a fridge or equivalent environment. These are dry environments and will cause your cigars to evaporate all the natural moisture within a cigar.

Cigars are also very delicate and respond to the environment in which they are kept, refrigerators often have many smells and storing a cigar in this environment will result in the cigar absorbing those smells.



All cigars are handmade natural artisan products. Consisting of tobacco, water and pectin (fruit gel glue which is used to hold the cigar together).