Picking the perfect cigar for your Occassion

Buying a cigar for yourself or a gift can be overwhelming, as The Index’s range is one of the largest collections of cigars in Australia, featuring more than 700 options. This guide will explain the cigar characteristics you can use to narrow down the best cigars for you or the special someone you are gifting to.  

Burn Time: 

The burn time of a cigar is an essential consideration, especially when planning an event or gathering. It needs to align with the time available, and the amount of time participants are comfortable with. For brief opportunities, or for people unaccustomed to savouring longer experiences with cigars, smaller cigars are the best option.  


Cigars come in varying flavour intensities, from mild to full-bodied. It's crucial to consider the preferences of the individuals enjoying the cigars, choosing strengths that match what they have enjoyed before. If they have no history enjoying cigars, or that history is unknown to you, milder cigars are a safer choice that anyone can enjoy. When pairing cigars with beverages such as whiskey or cognac, it's essential to select a cigar whose strength corresponds with that of the spirit, allowing each to complement rather than dominate the other.  


All cigars from The Index come in our signature gift wrapping, and will make for a stunning gift or centrepiece for your event. For a selection that is beautiful even when unwrapped and becomes a lasting memento, look for a cigar box, tin, or jar of cigars in a quantity sufficient to cater to everyone participating. Boxes of 25 are the most traditional size, but The Index’s collection also features smaller packages of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 cigars for smaller gatherings, as well as beautiful cigar humidors, and selections including accessories such as a cigar cutter or lighter. 

Ring Gauge: 

The ring gauge of a cigar refers to its diameter, which greatly influences the way the cigar is perceived. Particularly when choosing shorter cigars to suit briefer opportunities, choosing a larger ring gauge can ensure the cigar still feels robust and substantial. Alternatively, more slender ring gauges in longer lengths gives a cigar a feeling of elegance. When choosing cigars for an occasion, consider the preferences of the individuals involved, selecting cigars with ring gauges that align with their tastes and expectations. 

Origin and Brand: 

Cuba is the birthplace of cigars, with tobacco being a sacrament for the native American people since time immemorial, and enjoyed by Europeans ever since first contact in 1492. Flagship Cuban brands Cohiba and Trinidad make for the most sought-after gift at all, both originating as exclusive cigars, available only to Fidel Castro himself and diplomats visiting Cuba respectively. This rich history can make Cuban cigars appealing for special occasions, but the huge variety of New World cigars might offer something even better suited to your occasion.  

Most New World brands originated in Cuba, and have combined traditional Cuban techniques and tobacco varieties with the unique soils and climates of different regions to produce award-winning cigars, beating Cuba in cigar of the year accolades by a wide margin. The sheer variety of New World brands leads a greater range of options when it comes to the aforementioned factors of size, packaging format, and flavour profile. If purchasing a gift, taking into account the origin of the cigars the recipient has enjoyed before can show you have put thought into your selection.  

Familiarity or Novelty: 

Finally, there's the choice between selecting a cigar that individuals have enjoyed before or opting for something new and unique. While familiar cigars demonstrate care and attention to the recipient’s tastes, and makes for a safe choice they will definitely enjoy, introducing something new and rare might make the gift even more special, and introduce them to their new favourite cigar.  

Finding the perfect venue to enjoy your selection: 

Once you have selected the best cigar for yourself or for your gift, you or the recipient will need the right setting to enjoy the cigar. Tobacco law in Australia doesn’t allow us to enjoy cigars in a traditional cigar bar or cigar lounge, as cigars can only be enjoyed outdoors. Rooftop and terrace bars, beer gardens and venues with balconies are likely to be accommodating, but it’s best to check with the venue before visiting. For up-to-date recommendations on cigar-friendly venues around Australia, contact our team of cigar experts.